Facial Aesthetics


While there is no such thing as the perfectly shaped face, we do know that better definition of the central triangle formed by the eyes and lips enhances the perception of beauty. 

Our face has the most distinguishing features on our entire body. However, as we grow older, fine lines, wrinkles, age spots, and other signs of aging appear. Age, sun exposure, smoking, and other factors can all contribute to this appearance. While there are those who choose to accept aging as a way of life, many people have been seeking cosmetic facial surgeons to find how they can recapture their youth. Cosmetic surgery procedures offer several techniques that can help restore a youthful appearance to faces. These are known as facial rejuvenation treatments.

While some of these facial rejuvenation procedures involve surgery, like facelifts, more and more minimally-invasive procedures are increasingly popular, because they are

  • Simple procedures taking around 30 minutes  
  • Work directly in the skin where action is needed
  • Have instant results
  • Have minimal downtime
  • Are long lasting but not permanent
  •  Are natural and safe with a low risk of adverse events