Post Op Blepharoplasty

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Blepharoplasty postoperative advice for the patient is as follows.

  • Day of surgery: Remain at rest at home during the rest of the day. When lying down, slightly elevate the head. Cold dressings can be used while awake, and change them or recool them every 30 minutes. Take mild analgesics that do not contain aspirin as needed, usually every 4-6 hours. Apply antibiotic ointment in small amounts to the incision line twice daily with a cotton-tip applicator for the first week.
  • Next day: Remove dressing and rest at home and continue with the instructions for the day of surgery.
  • Second day: Light activity at home .Continue with the instructions of the first postoperative day. Be aware that an increase in eyelid swelling is expected. The use of eyeglasses is now permitted. Avoid using contact lenses in the early postoperative period.
  • Third day: Leaving the house is permitted, but use sunglasses.
  • Fifth day  Review at Enhance Aesthetics for removal of permanent sutures.
  • Seventh to the tenth day: The eyes can be washed normally with gentle soap and water. At this time, a return to work is permitted if this does not involve the risk of trauma to the surgical area.

In general, the use of mascara, eyeliner, makeup, and contact lenses can resume around the beginning of the third week, although this varies widely according to each patient's healing process.

Persistent pain, deep pain, or severe pain represents a warning sign of possible complications.

For any urgent concerns contact the emergency telephone number provided.